ONLF Press Release

November 4, 2020

Although TPLF has committed genocide against the Somali people during its rule of Ethiopia, still The Ogaden National liberation Front does not think that war is a solution to current illnesses in Ethiopia. Therefore, ONLF is gravely concerned about the current outbreak of war in and Around Tigray. The nations in Ethiopia have had their share of wars and natural disasters and were expecting a period of reprieve and recuperation. No one can force their particular viewpoints on the rest. Consensus and dialogue are the only way forward for all to reach a win-win solution.

Therefore, ONLF calls upon all concerned parties to immediately cease the current hostilities, specially TPLF, and start negotiating to resolve the outstanding issues.

 In principle, ONLF believes that the democratic transformation ushered by Premier Abiy is a positive step that may resolve the perennial problems of nations in Ethiopia. Although the current processes need perfecting, still it is the best we have so far. Therefore, ONLF fully supports this promising process and stands by the government and calls for genuine dialogue with all parties that feel aggrieved.

Furthermore, ONLF calls upon the international community to spare no effort in helping parties find a peaceful settlement.

Finally, ONLF reminds all stakeholders that no one can halt the march of the people for a genuine democratic transformation and achievement of peace, equality, genuine self-rule and prosperity for all.

Issued by ONLF



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