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Communiqué about WFP Abducted Workers

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26 May 2011

The Ogaden National Liberation Army of ONLF has captured the Town of Galalshe in Jigjiga Region near Babili. Causalities from the Meles Army (ENDF) were heavy and some remnants escaped to Babili town. ONLA captured armaments, ammunition, and logistics.

The Liberation Army found hundreds of civilians prisoners detained in the Galalshe Jail who were tortured and badly treated. Among the Prisoners found were the two WFP workers abducted by the Ethiopian Army, after killing one of their colleagues and wounding the other. Further details will be provided to the media as soon as conditions on the ground warrant it.

ONLF will contact WFP and discuss with them mechanism of handing over the workers, since the Ethiopian Army and security forces will not spare them if found. It is the responsibility of WFP to arrange safe passage with the Ethiopian government.

ONLA will continue to destroy Ethiopian Army concentration camps ‘like garrisons in the Ogaden.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front

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