29 May 2011

The Ethiopian Army has deployed since yesterday helicopter gunships and more than a division of its forces in the Ogaden in a bid to recapture and silence WFP workers liberated by ONLF on May 26 in Galalshe. The Liberation Army is doing its best to ensure that the WFP workers to be placed in safe and secure hands.

ONLF has already contacted the UN regarding this matter and is trying to involve ICRC as a neutral observer.

The Ethiopian government, which relies on hiding War Crimes and Crimes against Humanity it commits by keeping away neutral parties from witnessing its heinous acts and then blatantly denying any claims from the victims, is gravely threatened by what the WFP workers may tell the world regarding the killing of their colleague and their subsequent abduction and imprisonment.

ONLF have taken adequate precautions in order to protect the workers and is requesting the UN to take a firm stand against the Ethiopian government’s attempt to stop the safe handover of the workers.

Issued by ONLF


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