Press Release
August 24 2011
The recently publicised deal between China, Ethiopia and the Northern Somalia regional administration of Hargeisa regarding building a refinery in Berbera port of Somalia, a gas pipeline for Ogaden Gas and Oil, and a proposed road through Ogaden Somali Territory is a pipe dream that will not go beyond the drawing boards of those who hatched it.

The regime of Meles Zenawi, with the help of such groups as the Hargeisa administration is committing genocide in Ogaden by embargoing the people of the Ogaden at a time of famine and denying them trade while using aid as a weapon of war. Tens of thousands are perishing due to this and the War Crimes committed by Meles Zenawi Army (the so-called Ethiopian National Defence Forces).
Since the Chinese company is aware that Ethiopia is committing those crimes, the decision to assist Meles Zenawi to exploit forcefully Ogaden resources, constitutes an act of War against the Ogaden people.

Therefore, after extensive consultations with all sectors of the Ogaden Society, the Ogaden National Liberation Front and the Ogaden people have decided to undertake all necessary measures to defend their resources and territory against all involved in this unholy alliance against the people of Ogaden. Such measures will include diplomatic and legal action and if necessary armed resistance.

ONLF requests the international community to assist the Ogaden people in rebuffing this new threat that could re-ignite the cold-war again in the Horn of Africa. Hundreds of thousands of Ogaden people lost their lives due to the cold war of the sixties and seventies.

The Ogaden National Liberation Front



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