Press Release
October 2, 2011

For the last few weeks, there had been an outbreak of cholera in Korahe region (qabri-daharre) of Ogaden. The Ogaden National liberation Front health officer of the region has reported more than 50 fatalities. The conservative estimate of the people affected by the Cholera is about one thousand and the situation is critical. The health facility of the region and the lame local administration are ill equipped to deal with such an emergency and the response had been inadequate. Unfortunately, the Ethiopian government is hiding the existence of the diseases from the international community. Its unwillingness to seek international support is part of its aid and economic embargo policy in Ogaden.

Now that the rainy season has started, the danger of spreading of the cholera is eminent. Since no journalists are allowed and International NGO’s and the UN are gagged by the Ethiopian regime, the fate of those affected is very bleak.

ONLF appeals for the International community to come to the aid of the victims and to put pressure on the pampered Ethiopian regime to allow urgent medical aid to reach the people. Specifically ONLF call WHO to act decisively on this and send urgent medical aid and team to the affected region.

Ogaden National Liberation Front

Original map source OCHA


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