February 20, 2012

The Ethiopian Army, supported by the Liyu Police, a Janjaweed-like Militia in Ogaden under the direct control Meles Zenawi, is continuing its scorched earth campaign against the Ogaden Somalis. On February 19th, in Gunagado district, the Ethiopian Army and their merciless collaborators attacked farmers in the vilages of Abshir and Madheedh, killing more than 10 farmers, including women and children and wounding others.
 Moreover, the marauding scavengers burned the farms and harvest of the poor farmers, destroying and looting all crops and property in the villages at a time food of scarcity in the Horn of Africa. The rest of the farmers escaped to the surrounding areas and hid in the woods, since the Ethiopian Army is operating on shoot on sight policy. Three more people were also killed in Gunagado, the same day. Furthermore, the Ethiopian Army looted 210 goats, 9 Camels and 6 Donkeys from the villagers.
This new wave of terror indicates a  two pronged strategy that targets particular clans in Ogaden and along the Somali border by using the local militia in order to create a civil war among the Somali people in and around Ogaden and at the same time to dislodge the agro-pastoralists from the areas near oil exploration sites.  The Degahbur region is one of the regions earmarked for both multinational oil exploration and agribusiness.
Just few months ago communities from Somalia along the border were also targeted.
ONLF calls upon the AU, the UN Security Council to address the current genocide in Ogaden. Ethiopian is committing these crimes with impunity expecting as usual that international community will not take it to task.
Issued by Ogaden National Liberation Front
Tel: +442081448538

The list of the latest victims

  1. In Villages around Gunagado ( Abshir  and Madheedh)
  2. Mr Abdikafi Hassan Nur- ( 60 years old village elder)
  3. Mr Siyaad abdiKafi Hassan ( 20year old son of Abdikafi)
  4. Mr Abdihakim Mohamed Sh. Osman (30)
  5. Mr Mukhtar Farah Ali (40)
  6. Mr Bishar Mohamud Seed ( 40)
  7. Mr Muhumed Hassan Nur (40)
  8. Mr Ahmed Muhumed Mohamed ( 18)
  9. Miss Hamdi Abdeeq (15)
  10. Son of Wa’di Sirad

10. Son of Abdi Qodah

B. In Gunagado

  1. Mr Maxamud Abdirashid
  2. Son of Jama Gagaale
  3. Mrs Asha Muhumed Kaahin

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