Ethiopian Military Army mass murdered at least 18 civilians including woman and elderly men in Dhaba-Jiriso near Gari-go’an village in Ogaden, arrested another 15 and confiscated livestock.

On the Sunday Morning of 27/05/2012 Ethiopian Military Army carried out a previously planned operation against pastoralist community in Dhaba-Jiriso in the vicinity of Gari-go’an Village and they savagely killed at least 18 civilians in the same day.

The Ethiopian military Army brutally slaughtered some of the victim civilians using knives, while they executed others smashing their skulls by stones including students visiting their families living in the village.

Our sources also confirmed that 15 civilians had taken away by the Ethiopian military are still missing and their whereabouts hitherto remaining unknown.

Names of some of the executed civilians: –

1. Ma’alin Adan Hasan kur’as


2. Mahamed Mahamud Ali-Madoobe


3. Bishar Ahmed Ali-Madoobe


4. Adan Hasan Abdi-Shide


5. Hasan Bashir Ma’alin Abdi


6. Ahmed-Nur Mahamed Hasan


7. Abdi-Rashid Sheikh Abdulahi Sheikh Ali-Dhagood


8. Taman Abdi Duwane Isma’il


Below are the names of some of the missing civilians:-


1. Farah Mahamed Abdi  Odowa


2. Taman Ali Madobe


3. Ahmed-Faroole Mahamud Ali-Madoobe


4. Siraje Ahmed-Fiqane Hasan


5. Farhan Taman Ali-Madoobe


6. Abdulahi Ise


7. Mahamed Ali-Barre Aw-xirsi


8. Kilas Abdulahi


9. Gaydh  Abdi Odowa (with severe injury)

Ethiopian Government has been dreadfully carrying out successive and perpetual mass murder, rape, illegal arrest, displacement, burning villages, confiscation of livestock and commercial embargo against the Ogaden civilians after its unruly army defeated by Ogaden Liberation Army in the battle fields.

The Ethiopian regime has intensified its killing spree in Ogaden while the international community is focusing on the situation in Syria.

Ogaden National Liberation Front is condemning this cowardly innocent civilian mass murder in the strongest possible terms.

We are also calling for the International Community, International Organisations, Independent Media and Human Rights Watchdogs to attentively observe the predicament of the suffering Ogaden civilians in the hands of the Ethiopian military.

Ogaden National Liberation Front






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