Many people opted to defer to the future the controversial issues surrounding the gruesome murder of Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal in January2009 in Ogaden by Ethiopian troops, hoping that the truth will finally come out and put this matter to rest. They were not disappointed. Strange as it is, a recently smuggled video material from the personal archives of the murderer in chief himself, the Ethiopian appointed ‘president’ of the Somali Region of Ethiopia Abdi Mohamud Omar ‘Abdi Iley’, has reopened this case and finally set the record straight.


The cold-blooded execution style murder of Dr. Dolal was not in doubt in the first place: on the 17th of January2009, abadly wounded Dr. Dolal was captured near the city of Denan in eastern Ogaden, and after confirming his identity and consulting with their military and political command, Ethiopian military personnel on the ground were ordered to execute him on the spot.

Dr. Dolal’s body was then brought to Godey where the Ethiopian regime took photographs of his body which was displayed three days later (January 21, 2009) on a regime sponsored website, established to spread the regime’s propaganda among the Ogaden Diaspora community. The pictures were deliberately displayed in gruesome detail, showing Dr. Dolal’s badly charred body with bullet wounds to the abdomen and the head. Abdi Iley himself took to the airwaves and claimed (on Ethiopian TV) credit for the murder of Dr. Dolal. Few days later, the pictures were removed from the website and Abdi Iley begun to the change his tone when he was advised of the political capital he could gain by attributing the death of Dr. Dolal to ONLF. Unfortunately, it was too late to undo the damage. His unthinking motor-mouth had betrayed him.


After losing the initial story due to Abdi Iley’s recklessness, the regime’s propagandists devised another plan and begun to claim that Dr. Dolal was tricked and waylaid into Ethiopian fire by the ONLF forces who were out to get him. They claimed that Dr. Dolal might have been mistakenly shot by Ethiopian troops but he was led to his death by the ONLF who were in hot pursuit after him.  This lie was further strengthened by the remnants of the former Al Itahad Al-Islami (listed internationally as a terrorist organizations), when they surrendered toEthiopiain April 2010. Some of the leadership of Al itihad Al Islami rebels were with Dr. Dolal when he was captured,  amazingly escaping unscathed while Dr. Dolal was captured and killed.

Some people swallowed this fiction and started to believe it after it was repeated many times and reinforced by the head of UWSLF, the pseudo Sheikh-cum Mr. Ibrahim Dheere and his deputy Ahmed Nashad after they signed the surrender agreement with the Ethiopian regime. Later on, a fictitious report compiled by agent provocateurs of the Ethiopian regime – “The Committee for the Investigation of Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal’s Murder” – claimed: “The responsibility of the murder of Dr. Dolal rests with (1) ONLF Chairman Mohamed Omar Osman, (2) Mohamed Ismail (3) Abdikadir Hirmoge Adani and Abdirahman Sheikh Mahdi Maaday. Some others who had played a role include Sulub Abdi Ahmed.”

This immoral lie was further solidified and even sold to the Dolal family, convincing the late Dolal’s daughter, Sagal Dolal, to regurgitate them by writing a series of articles accusing the ONLF leadership for the murder of her dear father.

Latest Evidence

The latest video from the personal archives of Abdi Iley, which was smuggled out ofEthiopiavery recently, finally puts this matter to rest and proves the ONLF version to be true. In the video, Abdi Iley  is shown gloating in a graphic photo presentation of the body of Dolal in front of assembled youth and explaining how his forces killed Dr. Mohamed Sirad Dolal, and insulting him by calling the dead man ‘an infidel’ and other disgusting tirades. At times Abdi Iley is seen in the video encouraging the youth to follow the footsteps of the ‘brave soldiers’ who murdered Dr. Dolal. What more evidence can we expect than this graphic admission from the murderer himself?

Finally, we wish the Dolal family will make use of this golden evidence and explore legal options to bring Abdi Iley and the killers of their father to book. More importantly, we hope the Ethiopian regime will show the family the burial site of Dr. Dolal and allow them to finally rest their loved one in peace.

Watch the smuggled out film:


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