The Ethiopian regime’s desperate attempt to hide its failure in Ogaden by concocting yet again another false peace agreement with a so-called ONLF faction

There are no on-going talks between ONLF and the Ethiopian government currently. However, the Ethiopian regime is peddling that it is holding peace talks in Addis Ababa with what they portray as Ogaden National Liberation Front by using a junior defector, from ONLF Foreign Office, called Abdinur Abdullahi, whom it elevated to the rank of ONLF Executive Committee member. This practice was done two years ago with Salahdin Maow, a man who was expelled from the organization, but still the Ethiopian regime paraded him in front of the international media and claimed that he represented a major ONLF faction. Nevertheless, after the expensive hype of claiming that the regime has signed a peace agreement with a major ONLF faction that was intended to delude the international community failed, the Ethiopian regime finally sought the help of the Kenyan government to try to broker a peace deal with ONLF.

However, after two rounds of talks in Nairobi, Kenya, the Ethiopian regime, which was expecting an easy ride and capitulation from ONLF stormed out of the talks and declared that the talks had failed when it realized that ONLF will not accept its unilateral preconditions, but was ready to engage in serious and principled negotiation process.
All these malevolent attempts by the Ethiopian regime of engaging in false negotiations is intended to deceive the international community in order to counter the criticism that came from its recent debacle at the Nairobi talks.

Finally, such irresponsible machinations of resorting to this type of behavior shows that the Ethiopian regime has not yet  learned  that deceit and denial of the severity of the Ogaden conflict and the need to engage in a genuine peace process to find a just solution that accepts the exercise of the right of self-determination of the Ogaden people. Such a Machiavellian attitude will not serve the interests and well-being of all the people in the Horn of Africa nor will it stop the Ogaden people’s legitimate resistance against the Ethiopian regime’s unjust rule and inhuman suppression.

ONLF Foreign Office Bureau


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