The 6th plenary session of the Central Committee of the Ogaden National liberation Front (ONLF) was held between august 15, 2013 to August 23, 2013 and has concluded successfully. The plenary session, which was opened by ONLF chairperson, who gave a comprehensive report about the current situation in Ogaden, the Horn of Africa, the wider world, and the violent struggle of the Ogaden Somali people against the  regime in Ethiopia.

The plenary session deliberated on comprehensive agenda that included the following:

  1. Identifying  and assessing internal and external factors, changes and trends in the Ogaden and around the world that affects  the Ogaden and the ONLF that are  likely to have a significant impact on the struggle of the Ogaden people and ONLF  over the next 5-10 years.(political, military, economic, environmental technological, social, lifestyle, and demographic trends)
  2.  Comprehensive stakeholder analysis
  3. Evaluation of ONLF bureaus and agencies and affiliated organizations
  4. Evaluating ONLF strategy and Setting the strategic focus of ONLF in the next two years
  5. Reviewing the ONLF statute and bylaws

The session evaluated the effectiveness and efficiency of ONLF bureaus in conducting the national struggle of the Somali people under Ethiopian rule for the right to exercise their right to self-determination. The session further evaluated the environment surrounding the Ogaden and the progress made in the resistance against Ethiopian aggression. The session explored ways to enhance ONLF activities and gave particular emphasis to the following endeavors:


  • Strengthen Ogaden National Liberation Army capability and operations in order to liberate the Somali people and  protect civilians from Ethiopian Army and associated militia human rights violations
  • Strengthen the mobilization of the Ogaden Somali people for the national struggle and thwart the Ethiopian regimes conspiracies
  • Strengthen political and diplomatic efforts
  • Strengthen public relations and information management
  • Strengthen cooperation and condition with the Liberation fronts and opposition against the TPLF-led Ethiopian regime.

The Plenary session

  1. commended
  • The Ogaden National Liberation Army on their bravery in confronting the Ethiopian Army and its associated militia, who after suffering defeats resorted to cowardly acts of retaliating against the innocent civilian population.
  • The Somali people in Ogaden for their unwavering support of the national liberation struggle and ONLF in order to liberate their country from the Woyane aggression.
  1. 2.      Reviewed
  • the regimes new strategy intended to delude and mislead the international community and the Ogaden people in the diaspora by laying about the dire situation in the Ogaden and the slow genocide it is committing against the civilian population
  • the current situation in Ethiopia and the leadership crises that is making the regime unstable  and prone to paranoiac acts
  1. listened to the ONLF negotiation team and
  •  endorsed the Nairobi September 2012 agreement on modalities of the peace talks
  • Commended the ONLF negotiation team
  1. 4.      Reviewed the current status of the liberation armies and Opposition against the Ethiopian regime

After deliberating extensively the Session:

  1. Agreed on a new strategic focus that will take into account the news realities in the Ogaden and the international arena
  2. Strengthened the principle stance of ONLF that a sustainable and last solution to the Ogaden conflict can only be achieved if the exercise of the right to self-determination of the Ogaden people is implemented in a fair and free democratic choice through an international supervised referendum
  3. Agreed that ONLF is will to continue talks with Ethiopia on the basis of the September 2012 agreement in Nairobi in order to resolve the conflict peacefully
  4. Agreed to strengthen the capacity of ONLA in training, logistics and armament
  5. Strengthen the mobilization of the Somali people in Ogaden to mount an effective resistance against the regime’s aggression
  6. Strengthen the friendly relationship with all the communities in the Horn of Africa and the international community
  7. Strengthen the brotherly relationship between the Ogaden Somali people and  the Eritrean people
  8. continue developing positive relationship with all states that are stakeholders of the Horn of Africa region

The ONLF CC plenary session calls:

  • The gallant Somali people in Ogaden to preserver and redouble their struggle against the Woyane led regime of Ethiopia and be vigilant against the regimes conspiracies and Psy-ops that is intended to keep them divided and under perpetual servitude and colonialism
  • The international community to support the ogaden people in achieving their right to live in a free and democratic State and make the Ethiopian regime accountable for its human rights violations
  • The Somali people in Somali to set aside their petty differences and re-establish the Somali republic and to resist against the Ethiopian regime’s hegemony
  • The Somali regional administrations to stop sending back Ogaden refugees to Ethiopia, which violates their human rights
  • The international community to lift the illegal embargo against Eritrea and stop its double stands in regard to Ethiopia

The ONLF CC plenary session condemns:

  • The Ethiopian regime for its scorched earth policy in ogaden and is blatant violation of the Human rights of the Ogaden people that includes, economic and aid embargo, use of aid for political and military ends, including diverting aid to finance a special militia
  • The regional administrations in Somalia that violate the rights of Ogaden refugees and return them to the Ethiopian torture chambers
  • Some sectors of the international community that provide unfettered aid that is used by the Ethiopian regime to commit human rights violations against the Ogaden Somali people and its own Ethiopian people, specifically ONLF condemns  governments that decided to finance the Gestapo like- Liyu Police in that ogaden that is specifically set by Ethiopia to callously suppress the Ogaden civilian population



Allah is great

ONLF Central Committee

August 23, 2013


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