Hundreds of Somali people from Occupied-Ogaden region and ONLF supporters protested against Ethiopian human rights abuses (Ogaden European Diaspora Association-2 )in Ogaden region on Monday march 10th, in front of Geneva compound where the United Nations’ Human Rights Council held its annual human rights hearing conference.

The protesters carrying flags that represent an Independence state of Ogaden region and pictures of Ethiopian victims made a long-line facing towards the Geneva Compound as they raised slogans for freedom in Ogadenia, down-down Ethiopia down and international intervention in the ongoing hidden genocide in Ogaden Region of Ethiopia.

At the gathering Representative of various Ogadenian activists and community-leaders addressed the protesters who came from UK, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Holland, Belgium and Switzerland showing unity and a single purpose amid to advocate against the Ethiopian atrocities in Ogaden Region.
“We have gathered here to show the World our unity and how we are ready to gain all our rights including our rights of self-determination”, said one of the lecturers.

Yesterday’s protest was jointly organized by four major Ogadenian NGOs, Ogaden Communities in Europe, Ogaden youth and Students Union (OYSU) Ogaden Mother and Child Relief (OMCR) and Justice for Ogaden.

“The crisis in Ogaden region has only worsened, which is why Somalis from Ogaden are in exile and seek refuge in neighboring countries such as Kenya, Djibouti, Somalia, Yemen, Eritrea and South Africa. Ogadenian activists are around the globe working day-and-night to urge International Community including Ethiopian donors to build pressure on Ethiopian government to end the Ogaden blockade and allow Aid agencies and human Rights campaigners such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Media and aid agencies to have freely access”, said Abdullahi Yare, An Ogadeni community leader.

“By working tirelessly and in unity against Ethiopia we can pressure Ethiopia to stop massacring the innocent civilians in occupied Ogaden Region and to sit for genuine peace negotiations because Ethiopia has tried many years to keep Ogaden under its protectorate but failed to create peace by practicing inhumane acts to the Ogaden Somalis.”

Many Western Diplomats believe that the Ogaden region is like the Darfur of Sudan and since 2007, Addis Ababa has been denying any access to the Ogaden region by the International Human Rights NGO, aid agencies and Independent Journalists, imposing a violent crackdown that continues until today.




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