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August 28 – 2014

Abdiweli Gaas, the previous Somali PM who now rules Puntland, has recently stomped to Ethiopia, claiming that he no longer recognizes the Somali Federal government, seeking help from the Ethiopian regime which is known to encourage any spoiler like Abdiweli in order  to destabilize the effort to rebuild the Somali Republic.  Instead of going to Mogadishu and trying to sort his problem with the Somali president and parliament he runs to a foreign arch enemy of the Somali nation and republic to get help for his attempt at keeping the central government from asserting its mandate. That shows his shallowness and voluntary subservience as a known agent of Ethiopia. Mr. Abdi Weli stayed in Addis for many years using a teaching position in a local college as a cover, but was actually being groomed for a leadership position in order to fulfill the Ethiopian strategy.

Since the international community is serious in helping the Somali people rebuild their state and a government and a parliament is steadily doing progress in rebuilding Somalia, the era of warlords and clan enclaves is coming to an end. However, Ethiopia is greatly worried by the emerging Somali government and is constantly creating obstacles through proxy warlords and agents posing as leaders such as Abdi Weli. Therefore, his handlers instructed him to declare that he had withdrawn his confidence from the Somali federal government, before he was called to Addis for further instructions.

In addition to the destabilization of Somalia, his handlers further asked him to re-iterate his local administration’s previous willingness to serve Ethiopia against ONLF, which is successfully  conducting  a protracted armed struggle against the Ethiopian regime.  However, his reassurances to his masters that he will help Ethiopia fight of ONLF is hallow and worthless since he cannot in any form or shape halt the march for freedom by the Somali people in Ogaden. In fact, all he did was to show that Ethiopia is weak and needs the support of such immoral individuals.

First of all he qualifies for a rouge warlord, since he has publicly flaunted his own state and parliament. Secondly, he has only disgraced himself, since he cannot in any form or shape harm ONLF. Thirdly,  he,  as an emerging warlord, has alerted the Somali people to his menace which will be on record.

In light of his stated enmity towards the Somali people in Ogaden,  ONLF  Alerts all Somalis from the Ogaden to avoid visiting his region. Furthermore ONLF calls all Somalis with conscience to condemn this vile act that is defaming the name of the Somali nation in return for few crumbs from Ethiopia.

Finally,  ONLF has no enmity to the Somali people in Somalia regardless of clan or region and will always support a peaceful, democratic and sovereign Somali state.

Issued by ONLF.

August 28 – 2014.



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