The 5th plenary session of the Central Committee of the Ogaden National Liberation Front was held between 25th December 2010 to 1st January 2011. The session was attended by CC members of the Ogaden National Liberation Front both from inside and outside of Ogaden. The session was held at a time when the whole of the Horn of Africa, specially Ogaden, Somalia and Ethiopia are undergoing a critical and traumatic juncture in the history of the region.

The session deliberated on the following main agenda:

1. Reports of the chairman and the Bureaus of the Ogaden National Liberation Front
2. Assessment and analysis of the current international geopolitical climate in the world with particular emphasis in the Horn of Africa and its impact on the Ogaden peoples struggle for their right to self-determination and progress;
3. Reviewing and appraisal of the strategic plan of the ONLF;
4. Assessment of the current situation in Ethiopia and ONLF strategic alliance with the liberation forces and Ethiopian opposition groups;
5. Assessment of the current situation in Somalia and Ethiopia’s role in obstructing the reconstruction of the Somali state;

The ONLF Central Committee:

Having considered the reports from different sectors of ONLF and assessment of the international, regional and the local situation;

Having examined the ONLF political program, and means and ways to enhance the capabilities of the different sectors of the organization, paying particular emphasis to the Ogaden National Liberation Army, the mobilization, foreign and information policies;
Having studied the new tactical ploys and intrigues of the Ethiopian regime which is directed against the Ogaden people’s cause and the ONLF, the cornerstone of which is intended to divide the Ogaden Somali people and at the same time to mislead the international community;

Confident that the shallow tactics of the Ethiopian regime regarding the so-called sham peace-agreements with elements claiming to be former liberation forces will not deter the unity, will and determination of the Ogaden people and ONLF to continue the momentum of the struggle for the exercise of the right of self-determination;

Expressing its appreciation of the Ogaden National Liberation army and its daring and courageous engagements that significantly degraded the Ethiopian army and denied it to control the Ogaden, though it continues to commit Crimes against the civilian population;
Recognizing the unwavering support of the Ogaden people of the national liberation struggle

Reaffirming ONLF believe in the importance of establishing a broad based alliance of the liberations fronts and Ethiopian opposition against the regime of Meles Zenawi;

Therefore, the ONLF Central Committee;

Resolves to further strength the effort to achieve the rights of the Ogaden people to determine their destiny through an internationally monitored plebiscite

Resolves to strengthen the relationships with friendly countries and peoples that support the cause of the Ogaden people

Supports the efforts of the liberation fronts and Ethiopian opposition parties to form a broad-based alliance against the current Ethiopian regime

Reaffirms ONLF commitment for a peaceful resolution of the Ogaden conflict through an internationally mediated peace process but stresses that the current climate engendered by the regime’s deceit and unethical tactics will hamper genuine negotiations
Condemns the wanton Human rights violations committed against the Ogaden people by the Ethiopian regime

Condemns the illegal economic, aid and media embargo imposed by the regime against the Ogaden people at a time of dire need due draught and international food crisis
Condemns the so-called peace agreements between Ethiopia and elements recruited by Ethiopian intelligence in order to torpedo a genuine peace process in the Ogaden

Condemns Ethiopia’s hegemonic policies intended to dominate and subjugate the Horn of Africa, which is the main obstacle to peace and stability in the region

Condemns Ethiopia’s interference in the internal affairs of Somalia and its concerted effort to destabilize and thwart all efforts to rebuild the Somali state

Strongly condemns the regional administrations in Somalia for serving the Ethiopian regime by supporting Ethiopian subjugation of the Ogaden people and handing over Ogaden refugees and ONLF members to the ruthless regime of Meles Zenawi

Deplores the double standards of the donor countries in their declared principles and their stance towards Ethiopia, despite having adequate and undeniable prove that the regime of Meles Zenawi has committed War Crimes against the Ogaden people

Calls upon the valiant Ogaden Somali people to redouble their effort to achieve their inalienable rights to self-determination and freedom

Calls upon the international community to support the just cause of the Ogaden people

Deplores the unjust UN resolution imposing sanctions on Eritrea and calls upon the Security Council to rescind it

Calls upon the Somali people in Somalia to resolve their conflict peacefully and rebuild their state

Calls upon the Ethiopian people to stand up for their rights and make the Zenawi regime account for its crimes

Urges the liberation fronts and the Ethiopian opposition to put aside their differences and form an effective alliance to take to task the TPLF minority regime

Adopted on 1st January 2011
The Central Committee of ONLF


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