1.      Humanitarian Crisis in the Ogaden Region

Somali region (Ogaden) isEthiopia’s ‘ownDarfur, where government runs war and organized human genocide, and blocks food aid delivery and trade, humanitarian access in the region. Women, children and older people are the most vulnerable groups to suffer abuse and violence and misuse of humanitarian aid in these regions. Ogaden humanitarian crisis is the worst one in Africa andMiddle East.

Ethiopian government blocks humanitarian food aid and operations, diverts and distort food aid to feed military forces and militias in the Somali region (Ogaden). Because of the ongoing conflict, military operations, humanitarian crisis and human abuses government targets humanitarian agencies (UN and NGOs) and their staff. Humanitarian agencies and media have no access to operate in the Ogaden region.Ethiopia’s donors and UN are aware of these problems, but have done little to address the problems or tackle their own role in underwriting government repression.

In August 2012, the federal Disaster Risk Management and Food Security Sector (DRMFSS) confirmed with 3.7 million people who need humanitarian assistance between August-December 2012.  41% of those in need of assistance are inSomaliState(Ogaden).  Humanitarian Requirements Document (HRD) confirmed 1, 539,279 people (30% of the population) in the region who lack food, water and health, and other basic services. 

A war on Humaniterian Agencies 




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