4 September 2010

The Ethiopian regimes Mines and Energy Minister, Alemayehu Tegenu recent interview with Reuters in which he claimed that his regime’s military is in control of Ogaden is wishful thinking and is designed to give a false sense of security to oil firms who seek to exploit the oil resources of Ogaden. The facts are that Ogaden remains a war zone between the armed forces of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) and the troops of the regime. It is precisely because of this reality that the Ethiopian regime denies the international media free and unfettered access to Ogaden as this would only undermine their perception management efforts to lure oil investors to Ogaden.

These perception management efforts include a false claim that the regime is in negotiations with the ONLF. The renewal of security assurances for Ogaden by the regime to oil firms is therefore a dangerous step as the policy of the ONLF in this regard remains unchanged.

The ONLF calls on international oil firms not to be misled by the Ethiopian regime. The regime is not and has not been in control of Ogaden. The ONLF further wishes to note that this regime continues its war crimes against our civilian population, and has ordered forced resettlement’s, arbitrary arrests and acts of violence tantamount to war crimes in areas where oil exploration activities have been pursued. Oil firms should know that by partnering with this regime in Ogaden they are effectively turning a blind eye to war crimes often perpetrated in their name.

The people of Ogaden recognize the mineral wealth of their country. It is the intention of the people to develop and exploit that potential once their rights to self-determination have been exercised through an internationally monitored free and unfettered expression of the peoples will for their own political future. The conduct of oil firms today vis-a-vis the people of Ogaden will be remembered and those who partner with this regime today will not gain favor in the future when
the people of Ogaden gain their rights to self-determination.

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)


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