Regurgitating Lies to Refute Facts:

the Ethiopian Regime’s Hysterical Rants against HRW’s Ben Rawlence and ONLF


For a long time now it has been the strategy of the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia to counter credible reports of human rights abuses by questioning the methodology used by Human Rights organisations to obtain their information.

The regime refuses human rights organisations access to the country to verify the allegations of abuses, and when these organisations resort to other legitimate means to gather information from the victims who live outside the country, the regime attacks and dismisses their methodology as relying on information “drawn largely, if not exclusively, from people outside the country, members of externally-based armed opposition movements and other dissidents.”

The Ethiopian regime has again resorted to the same tactics in response to a recent hard-hitting article written Ben Rawlence, a senior researcher on Africa for Human Rights Watch (HRW) titled “Why are Ethiopian eyes on Brussels?” July 19, 2o11. This time the regime’s hysteria is reaching new levels as they’re accusing Mr. Rawlence of trying “to influence the European Union to cut aid to Ethiopia.”  (Human Rights Watch can’t even be bothered to get Meles Zenaw’s position right, 29/07/2011.)

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