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September 10, 2012

The Ethiopian Army has wantonly executed extra-judicially and gunned down more than 14 civilians, most women and including an infant and a child in Miir-denbas village of Wardher region on September 6, 2012. The killings targeted closely related family members, including three members of the Guuleed family. All the victims were collected from different parts of the region including Danood, Qorile and other areas in Wardher region, and brought to Miir-denbas and summarily executed. One of victims was left as dead and critically wounded. Fifteen other civilians are missing and their whereabouts is unknown. In addition, other members related to the victims, living in Wardhere are practically under house arrest and great fear since the Ethiopian Army is showing its presence around their streets. Two of the women were taken from prison where they were held in detention for two years.

This action created panic in the area and many people are running away from the area. The victims included business people, elders and women with children.

For the last two years, the Ethiopian Army and its surrogates militias has increased this exemplary killings, causing fear and destruction of the lives of innocent civilians in Ogaden. Since 2007 when a UN found gross violations of Human Rights by the Ethiopian army in Ogaden and recommended a UN investigation on the violation of Human Rights, the Ethiopian Army continued their transgressions with impunity. It is not the first time that the Ethiopian Army in Ogaden engaged in similar activities at times of dialogue between ONLF and Ethiopia. For the last two months, the intentional killing of the civilian people had increased remarkably.  In 1998, when an attempt to negotiate started, the Ethiopian Army killed three of delegates of the negotiation team, while returned from a rendezvous with the Ethiopian counterparts.

The Ogaden National Liberation front condemns the perpetrators of this heinous crime and calls upon the International Community and UN to make those responsible accountable for their crimes against the civilian population in Ogaden.

This is the list of the names of the victims killed and identified by relatives:

1- Mr Farah Yusuf Khaliif (Farah-Dhoonbe)

2- Mr Faysal Irshaad Awlaad

3- Mr Mawliid Xasan Cabdi

4- Mr Abdirahman Guuleed Ali(Agolab)

5- Mrs Fadumo Guuleed Cali

6- Mrs Khadar Axmed Guuleed and her daughter

7- Gadh-yar (6-7 months old)

8- Mrs Saynab Abshir Aw-Cali (was detained in Danod)

9- Mrs Ugaaso Macalin Cumar

10- Mrs Iido Sh Cabdi Cismaan (was detained in Danod)

11- Mrs Ayaan Cabdi Xiis

12- Mrs Farah Ali Goox

13- Mrs Sureer Abdiqaate

Issued by ONLF



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