A delegation led by the Foreign Relations Secretary of Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) attended the founding Congress of SORTU, which is formed to unite all section of the Basque people and lead the peaceful pursuit of the Basque people’s quest for self-determination and freedom.

Hundreds of progressive organisations and individuals attended the Congress, which was held from February 22 to 23, 2013, from all continents of the world that support the right of self-determination of all peoples. In addition, Liberation Fronts from the following countries seeking self-determination also attended the conference- Western Sahara, Ogaden, Palestine, Kurdistan, and Colombia and Philippines.

Some of the delegates attending the conference came from Morocco, South Africa, Bolivia, Brazil, Cuba, Salvador, Sao Paulo, Philippines, Greek, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Catalan, Galicia, Swaziland, South Sudan, Mexico, Australia, Northern Ireland and the Netherlands.

All the delegates reiterated their firm support of the rights of oppressed peoples’ self-determination and in particular the Basque people, who were forming SORTU at this stage of their national struggle. The ONLF delegation met with many delegates, exchanged views, and established friendly relationships.

The ONLF, on behalf of the Ogaden people, sent the following supporting statement to the SORTU congress:




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