Ogaden National Liberation Front Military Communique.

The Ethiopian government has started to redeploy three elite divisions from Ogaden and Somalia on the Sudan border at the Nile Valley near the new dam construction site as a show of force against any possible threat from Egypt.

Reliable sources indicate that similar massive movements of Ethiopian army are taking place from South and Central parts of the country. According to these Sources mass mobilization is taking places throughout Ethiopia and hundreds of thousands are being to re-enforce and prepare for any Egyptian military move.

These new recruits will be used  ultimately to suppress Ethiopian peoples’ uprisings and their aspirations for freedom. Ogaden NationalLiberation Front (ONLF) believes that this military manoeuvres is a harbinger of a new wave of human rights violation and genocide in Ogaden as well as Ethiopia.

The Ogaden National Liberation Army will continue to defend the civilian population of Ogaden who are undergoing the greatest oppression since they were transferred to Ethiopian rule.

ONLF calls upon all with conscience to come to the aid of the Ogaden people, who are victims of a mercilessregime and international imperialism that sustains Ethiopian regime with blood money on the pretext of aid and development.



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