ONLF Press Release

May 14, 2014

Djibouti regime has arbitrarily detained yesterday thirty refugees in Djibouti city in collaboration with Ethiopian security who transported them to the torture fields in Ethiopia such as the notorious Jail Ogaden in Jigjiga. Reliable sources indicate that the Djibouti regime has done this criminal action as retaliation against the support of Ogaden Diaspora communities to Oromo protest against the massacre of Oromo students by the regime in Addis Ababa.

The Djibouti regime actively supports the TPLF led Ethiopian regime in the on- going genocide in the Ogaden and other parts of Ethiopia, such as Oromia. Djibouti usually commits crimes like this in order to get the sympathy of the junta in Addis Ababa at the expense of innocent Ogaden refugees.

This is the sixth time that the Djibouti government forcefully handed Ogaden refugees over to Ethiopia, most of whom were summarily executed. Djibouti has virtually become the servant of Ethiopia in all matters concerning the destabilisation of Horn of Africa. Furthermore, it is involved in subversive activities against the Somali, Oromo and Afar nations. Hence, ONLF and the Ogaden people do not expect much from such a regime that is committing human rights abuses even against its own Djiboutian people and is denying their democratic rights.

Finally, ONLF call the international community to condemn Djibouti and make it accountable for  this heinous crime, which flaunts international law regarding the rights of refugees.

Issued by ONLF


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