Dispatch: Ogaden Battle Front
Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Ogaden National Liberation Army reported that it killed 14 Ethiopian regime soldiers and wounded 16 in skirmishes in parts of the Ogaden. The Liberation Army further reported that it ambushed and destroyed a Russian Made Ural full of soldiers.

The Ethiopian Army is currently trying to evict agro-pastoralists from their traditional grazing areas in order to clear sites for oil exploration companies. The Army kills the men, rape women and confiscate livestock in order to scare away the rural population from areas it wants to clears.

The Ogaden National Liberation Army harasses and hamper the progress of these Heinous schemes by the Ethiopian regime to disown the Somali people in Ogaden of their land.

Details of the areas of the battle area
Ogaden News Agency (ONA)

Update: Ogaden battle Front
Wednesday, December 3, 14

24/11/14 Higlaale Godey Shabeelle 3 Killed 2 Wounded
24/11/14 Kabosiciid Qabridehar Qorahay 2 Killed 2 Wounded
25/11/14 Fataatiirta Qorahay 4 Killed 5 Wounded
25/11/14 Fardhiig Qabridehar Qorahay 3 Killed 4 Wounded
25/11/14 Halgariga Garbo Nogob 2 Killed 3 Wounded Fighting causalities unknown
26/11/14 Wartimire Dhagahbur Jarar
26/11/14 Bulaale Dhagahbur Jarar 1 Ural destroyed full of soldiers. Causality unknown
26/11/14 Dusmo Aware Jarar ambush casualty unknow
Total Killed 14 Wounded 16 and 1 Ural destroyed full of soldiers


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