Monday 16 May 2011

The Ogaden National Liberation Front intelligence service has ascertained that the Ethiopian (Meles ) Army conducted the killing and abduction of UN local staff in the Ogaden jointly with the notorious militia of the Somali Regional administration. Both were conducting kill on sight operations on civilians in the areas of the Fafan valley between Babili and Dhegahbur in the Ogaden. The Ethiopian (Meles) Army and its local conscripts killed more than 100 civilian people from 10 to 15 May in the Area, which is still ongoing.

ONLF believes that the probable reason for killing and abducting the staff members was to silence the WFP staff who witnessed the mass murders being carried out by the Ethiopian Army and cohorts. ONLF will soon provide the names of the civilian victims killed by the Ethiopian Army, during these operations and any further details regarding this matter.

The Ethiopian government has now panicked, fearful of an international investigation. It has ordered the regional administration to collect the elders from Degahbur and Fik regions and bring them to Jigjiga to issue a statement claiming that ONLF has carried out this heinous act and cover up for Ethiopian Army war crime.

ONLF requests the UN to carry a full, independent, and unfettered investigation of both the UN staff killing and the mass murder that triggered it and be carried out by professional expatriates or Interpol. ONLF will fully cooperate with such an investigation

Ogaden National Liberation Front


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