A man claiming to be the Governor of Bakool Region of Somalia told the VOA Somali service that a joint ONLF Liberation Army and Al-Shabab forces fought the Ethiopian Army and Somali National Army along the Somalia – Ogaden border on June 2-3, 2014.

The Ogaden National liberation front did not take part in that fighting nor in any other fighting between Al-Shabab and the Army of Ethiopia, whether in Somalia, along the border or inside the Ogaden. This unfounded allegation by the so-called regional governor of Bakool is probably instigated by the Ethiopian regime that controls most of Somalia. It is a foolish attempt to link ONLF and Alshabab, while justifying the defeat suffered by the joint Ethiopian and Somalia tribal militias.

Although ONLF fights the Ethiopian regime on a daily basis in Ogaden, It does not get involved in the quagmire in the political marshland of Somalia, which the Ethiopia regime is always trying to capitalise on but in the end gets battered and defeated.

As for the Ethiopian surrogates in Somalia regional administrations posing as Somali officials, it is not the responsibility of ONLF if your tribal militias donned Somali National Army uniforms are thrashed by Al-Shabab. The responsibility lies solely with you, who are incapable of building and managing an effective administration that can create the objective conditions that can bring security and good governance to the Somali people and defeat those who endanger it.

Issued By ONLF

June 5, 2014



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